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Website development includes many components that form the price of the product. First you need to figure out which site you need - landing page, catalog site, business card site, WordPress site, corporate site, regular online store or OpenCart. All of these types differ both in terms of design and price. You need to understand that the cost of the site depends on the number of people involved and the amount of work. The levels of specialists who will work on the project will also be taken into account when drawing up a check. Initially, you need to decide on the payment for the domain. Your site will be stored on the hosting, for this you need to make an annual monthly fee, which will vary depending on your site's resource intensity. You also need a domain, that is, the name of your resource, which will link to the host where the site is stored. There is also a monthly fee, which will depend on the domain name.





After these steps, you can start planning the structure. Here, specialists make up the semantic core and relevance map. Further, the study of the structure of your site is already underway. It is important that specialists do this, as there is a risk of creating a narrow semantic core that will restrict your traffic. After that, the engine is configured. This complex includes SEO, installation of modules and themes. After drawing up the technical tasks, you can proceed to the development of a unique design. The cost of the design will depend not only on the level of the specialist who will work on your project, but also on the complexity of the interface and the design itself. The design is developed in several stages: design, drawing of the design and final approval with the client. At the design stage, the structure is built, the functionality is worked out and prototyping is drawn up in order to see all the transitions on the pages. Next comes the drawing of the design. All artboards are filled with graphics to give your site a flavor. At the last stage - approval, you can make amendments and discuss the finished layout, which will go for layout. At the stage of layout, interactive pages are created. The cost of this service will depend on several factors: competent layout, creation of adaptability and volume (the number of pages and the complexity of their implementation). Then the work goes to the programmers and testers. The price will also depend on the complexity of the implementation and the amount of work. The price may include additional requirements from the client. For example, setting up a payment system, adding cost calculators, or using complex graphics in the form of 3D animation. Website development is a long and expensive project, but if you turn to professionals, then highly qualified specialists will work on your order, the work will also advance more quickly, at the same time you can draw up an agreement that guarantees the safety and effectiveness of the project.

Each customer is faced with a choice - to develop a website from scratch or use CMS templates. It all depends on what your priority is: to do everything at a low cost and quickly, or to make the product safe and functional. To deal with this issue, you need to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of both options. The positive side of CMS is that you can create a website with minimal costs. For this, there are already developed constructors and plugins that will help you connect any functionality. Also, if problems were later identified, then you can contact an inexpensive specialist with this, who will temporarily fix the problem for little money. Among the disadvantages of this system, one can single out the fact that search engines do not let sites with free CMS pass to SERP sites. In addition, if problems occur, then it is much more difficult for a specialist to understand the mechanism of work and codes, which consist of many templates. This work can be done only by a highly qualified specialist who will be able to qualitatively solve this problem.



But still, such a resource remains unprotected and easy to hack. Since if the site of a certain version of the CMS is hacked, then all other works of this web studio are automatically hacked. An important disadvantage is that by installing plugins, you can load an incorrect and non-working one. Then it will be difficult to establish the cause of the breakdown. One way or another, when filling the site with information, it can start to be blunt and poorly load material. In this case, the owner will be forced to think about creating a new platform that will be more optimal and secure. Websites are developed from scratch and are distinguished by their reliability, speed, high-quality information delivery. This option is suitable for promoting serious projects. Since the development of such a site requires a professional approach. Therefore, such a site will be very difficult to hack. It is also easy to adjust a site from scratch if the architecture was initially built correctly. This will help you always quickly improve your search engine rankings. Such a site lends itself to constant development, since it is functionally unlimited. The design, structure and functions will be developed based on your requests and the requirements of the type of project. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail so that the user can easily navigate the resource. The design itself will satisfy your wishes. All the nuances can be corrected or replaced, since this, unlike the template solutions, will be simple and fast. The design developed by a professional sets the tone for the project and also improves the perception of your company. The site is developed from scratch taking into account further promotion. Its structure adjusts to SEO requirements. Therefore, after launch, your site will be displayed in the first positions in the search engine. Of the shortcomings. Of the shortcomings of a site from scratch, one can single out the fact that its creation requires a thorough knowledge of programming languages. It is also important to know that creating such a site takes time and investment in quality. But all these costs will be justified, since you will get a working site with good results in the search engine, your data will be protected, and you will not lose money on it.

Any company needs an identity, that is, the external image of your business. Therefore, customers first order a logo design. But after its creation, the question always arises: is it worth stopping there or is it necessary to form a corporate identity for the company? The logo cannot replace all the components of the corporate identity, because the corporate identity is the image of the company, which forms the image of the company. Corporate identity development includes the creation of graphic elements that will reflect your company policy, as well as further associations with your business. The corporate identity is used on various products: business cards, presentations, letterheads, notebooks, business cards, souvenirs and interior elements. Corporate identity helps to create a company's image and distinguish it from competitors. In addition, its application increases the level of trust among customers and makes your company recognizable. It often happens that long-standing companies do not want to develop a corporate identity, but are content with only the presence of a logo. Such firms create distrust among existing and potential customers. This is due to the fact that the perception of the brand is disrupted. After all, each document, letterhead, business card or other product of the company will be in different styles and without connecting elements. Therefore, there can be no talk of serious cooperation with other companies and the flow of new customers. After all, such companies are not remembered in any way and do not impress the client, therefore clients often do not return to them. To avoid such mistakes, it is advisable to take the opportunity and order a logo and corporate identity. 




The corporate identity can be used on any product, depending on your field of activity. This can be the design of your production products, additional packaging, letterheads or business cards, templates for social networks or banners for advertising, clothing for your employees, gift items (cups, calendars), office interior decoration. The corporate identity consists of several elements: a trademark (if you are engaged in the production of products), a company slogan, a corporate block, selection or development of fonts and color palette. Also, in the course of work, you can add new components, depending on your requirements and the specifics of the company. To understand the value of these components, you need to understand their purpose. The trademark forms all other elements of the corporate identity, being the center of the entire composition. By its type, you can understand what the company does and what services it provides. There are several types of trademarks: verbal, pictorial, volumetric, sound and combined. It will also be a plus if the company has a slogan. Since it will become the basis for an advertising campaign. The corporate block consists of a logo and an emblem. It is used for all company merchandise. The color palette is just as important to the soundness of your business. After all, the chosen colors will not only be associated with your brand, but also subconsciously influence the emotions of your customers. The development of a corporate font will also be the hallmark of your business. After all, not every font is suitable for your company. In addition, you can develop an additional element of the corporate identity. This can be a specific layout style, a corporate character, or an additional logo. All these elements form a single style.

To develop an application for two operating systems at once requires resources and time. If you want to stop at one for now, then you have to choose between iOS and Android. There are many factors to consider before making a choice. The first is demographic characteristics. According to statistics, the Android system comes out on top. In the CIS countries, more than 80% of users prefer it. IOS ranks second in popularity, with rates over 15%. Despite this difference, this system brings developers twice as much profit as the Android system. This is due to the fact that users of Apple products are more solvent. But on the other hand, Android apps can reach more audiences and also generate high profits. According to statistics, you can clearly see that more developed countries (USA, European countries) use the Apple operating system, while Android prevails in the CIS countries and China. The Android operating system is used on many devices: Samsung, HTC, Sony, Lenovo, Huawei. While iOS only works on Apple devices.This system, unlike Android, is centralized, so it's easier for developers to work with it. With regard to the monetization of these operating systems, it should be noted that if your application is not developed for business, then for the Android system it is better to think over a monetization system for advertising within the application or with a subscription at a symbolic price. For the iOS system, you can safely make your application paid. Since the owners of Apple devices are willing to pay for a quality product.






The next important issue will be the cost and speed of publication. It depends on whether your app will be hosted on Good Play or the App Store. If you chose Google Play, then you need to create your account and pay the fee. After that, you can safely upload the application and if does not conflict with the platform rules, then it will be available for download. If you chose the App Store, you also need to register and pay a fee that will be charged every year. Posting speed will be slightly slower than on Google Play. In any case, the choice is yours. You just need to analyze your potential audience and decide for yourself which system suits you best.

Creating any site or application can not do without Front-end and Back-end. This is the backbone that will ensure the proper functioning of your resource. Front-end is the observable structure of the site, which makes the interface interactive. That is, this is what the user sees when he visits your resource. Specialists in this field communicate with the entire team involved in the project, so that the visible part of the site or application would be user-friendly. You can see the work of a specialist by going to any site and right-clicking and selecting "View page code", after this action the codes will appear, this will be the work of Front-end. The codes describe everything that can be seen on the selected site, starting from the color palette and ending with small graphic elements. If you delve into the essence of the work, you can select three languages ​​used by the front-end specialist: 1. HTML is a language for planning various documents (thanks to it, headings, indents, etc. are formed); 2. CSS - a language for explaining the document (it sets the parameters of color, font and block ratio); 3. JavaScript - the language of interactivity (it animates all the elements on the page and makes the interface interactive, in addition, it makes it possible to download data).





Back-end is a software part of the service that allows you to implement the logic of the site or application. Specialists combine the user and the server. That is, the task of the specialist is to give you an answer to your request. Back-end developers enjoy favorite available languages, but often it's PHP, Java, Python and Ruby. The responsibilities of the specialist may vary, depending on your requests and tasks. Summing up, we can say that back-end and front-end are software architectures. Without these steps, it is impossible to create a website or application. Specialists must not only know programming languages, but also think through logic, functionality, as well as make original decisions that are suitable for your project. Therefore, it is important to turn to professionals that the result of the work would pleasantly surprise you.

Site testing is necessary to identify bugs, as well as check its adaptability. There are many reasons for this, but the main five can be distinguished: if there are bugs on the site or application, then this will primarily cause discomfort and distrust among the user; you also need to regularly check the resource for safety, since users will be able to access important pages without your knowledge; in case of a malfunction, the site may not work correctly and because of this, the conversion decreases; Long page load times can affect performance as people don't like to wait too long. unnecessary and incomprehensible functionality also affects page loading, which also reduces the level of trust among the visitor. Therefore, it is very important to order QA Testing service from time to time. Especially if you've updated your design or changed hosting. Experts in this field advise you to pay attention if your resource has not been tested for more than two years. The analysis itself takes place in several stages. First, we find out the customer's requests and discuss the details. After that, our testers receive the TOR and get down to work. For better and faster work, we have a special algorithm of actions, thanks to which we use time efficiently. The time spent on testing is calculated based on the amount of work, as well as the number of edits applied.





The work is carried out in several stages. The first is cross-browser testing. This is necessary in order to see how your site will be displayed on different devices and how correct it will be. Our QA testers will evaluate the display quality in different browsers, as well as on different devices: tablet, laptop, phone. In addition, the site design and layout are assessed. The second step will be functional testing. This stage will be especially important if you are faced with incorrect operation of the page or other files. Since this bug affects the performance of the site, the loyalty of visitors and, as a result, the loss of profits. If an application is being tested, then we will definitely define its functionality. It can be either a social network, education, or banking. Then experts study the target audience, as well as the distribution channel of the application (Google Play, App Store or distribution directly). Thus, the analysis and verification of the implementation of the specified functions of the application is carried out. The next step is security testing. This stage ensures the security of important pages and data, as well as the security of the admin area. After that, a site load test is performed. At this stage, experts determine the performance of your resource for a given usage parameter. Simply put, the performance of loading a resource is checked if 20 users are present on it at the same time, depending on the size of the project and its parameters. After a thorough check, our customer receives a full report on the work and a list of identified bugs. This service will ensure you safe business ... Since if your site or application has a payment system, then you definitely need to regularly check its performance. Because in the event of a malfunction, the money will not be transferred to you, but to a random bank account. In addition, regular checking will save you money, since bugs can be detected gradually and quickly eliminated, rather than if they accumulate and affect other functions of your platform. Another important point is reputation support. If your product has not been fully tested, then at the initial stage of work, bugs will appear that will scare away users. Consequently, it will be extremely difficult to restore their trust. Therefore, it is very important to apply not only for the service on time, but also to professionals who have a great store of theoretical knowledge and experience in practice.


Development of sites and web projects includes a full range of services that will make it high-quality and reliable in use. In addition to the technical part of the work, we will also help to bring your design vision and product concept to life. After all, we work at all stages of creating a website or other web product, starting from creating a design from scratch, to setting up advertising and comprehensive brand promotion. Our main goal is to develop a quality product. Cooperation with us guarantees you the transparency of the transaction and the selection of the best prices. You can order website development or order design development by writing to us by filling out the feedback form or call the indicated numbers. Comprehensive business promotion guarantees a good result and profit growth for your company. We care about the quality of our work and provide comprehensive services for your business.

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The latest statistics show that more and more users of Internet resources are becoming more demanding on the content and usability of sites or applications. Therefore, we will be happy to do analytics of your web project or help you create a modern website that will be ideally displayed on all types of devices, and its content will be as easy to use as possible. Before starting to work on your project, we not only analyze your business, but also the market as a whole. Based on the collected data, we develop a universal and individual solution. At the same time, focusing on the comfortable use of the resource and conversion.
Website development and other web projects include all the main stages, namely: design development, copyrighting, photo and video shooting, writing texts, consulting, web analytics, marketplace creation, programming, QA testing, blockchain and advertising setup. We also understand that in the modern world, any site needs adaptation in the mobile version. Therefore, we will help you develop a mobile version of your web product, which will be equally well displayed on all types of devices. After launch, the site will already be optimized for promotion, filled with SEO-optimized text and will meet the requirements of the search engine.