Comprehensive service and promotion

Order a comprehensive business promotion on the Internet

Ordering a comprehensive promotion of a website or business on the Internet is a decision that many companies come to. The industry is developing in such a way that at the moment most companies from medium and small businesses are actively beginning to take care of having their own website that will be promoted on the Internet.


Integrated Internet Marketing Services

Integrated internet marketing includes a variety of categories and areas of services. Despite the fact that Makarenko web studio provides a full range of possible services, for each client we provide the opportunity to choose the optimal set.


Website and application development


SEO promotion, contextual and targeted advertising


Maintenance of social networks


Logo, corporate identity, brand book


And many other services that we can do on individual terms.


Website and application development

The site is the basis of any business on the Internet, without it it is very difficult to seriously and loudly declare yourself. At the same time, without a good Internet resource with an individual design, high-quality text content, you will lose a large percentage of potential customers. Many companies also want to run applications in parallel, software for any platform and purpose, we can also develop.


Design and corporate identity

Development of corporate identity and logo design is ordered by all companies at a certain stage of development. The presence of a single style in all elements of the brand, from the website to printing, and branded cars creates the image of the company, gives it status, recognizability, and also increases its position in the niche.


Social media promotion

SMM is an important internet marketing tool that is becoming more and more popular every day. Now all companies, from small to large businesses, have their own pages in social networks, since they can be used to advertise a brand, expand the audience of potential customers, introduce people to new products and even sell a product. Makarenko web studio provides services for maintaining social networks, we will delight your subscribers with quality content, from the body of the post to graphic or video design!


Comprehensive internet marketing for your website

We will allow you to get clients from all available free channels such as SEO and paid - targeted and contextual advertising. Thus, you can reach the fullest possible audience of potential customers in all areas of Internet marketing. This approach is the most effective, because while free channels will gain their positions and increase authority, paid channels will already steadily attract customers. After a certain time, free channels will bring you high-quality leads, without spending your advertising budget.


Why is it better to order a comprehensive website promotion?

It's comfortable

Ordering everything in one place is at least easier than looking for many companies, and bringing each of them up to date. And so your project will be taken by a separate team of specialists from "Makarenko Design Studio", which will fully understand your business and product, know all your competitors, as well as study in depth other aspects of your brand.



When paying for the team's services for six months in advance, you will receive a pleasant discount, as well as a guarantee that the specialists will build and implement the best strategy for the integrated promotion of the business.


Responsibility for the result

By entrusting the integrated promotion of the Internet to one team, you will be 100% sure that no one will shift responsibility. Often there are situations when several companies are hired for the complex promotion of a business, some of them show poor results, and when they are asked what caused the fall, they say that all this is due to the poor performance of others. If Makarenko Design Studio is engaged in complex promotion, you can be 100% sure that you will receive a positive result by providing high-quality marketing services in all areas.


Only with an integrated approach is the maximum efficiency of promotion achieved - order the service of promoting your business on the Internet right now!


Development of sites and web projects includes a full range of services that will make it high-quality and reliable in use. In addition to the technical part of the work, we will also help to bring your design vision and product concept to life. After all, we work at all stages of creating a website or other web product, starting from creating a design from scratch, to setting up advertising and comprehensive brand promotion. Our main goal is to develop a quality product. Cooperation with us guarantees you the transparency of the transaction and the selection of the best prices. You can order website development or order design development by writing to us by filling out the feedback form or call the indicated numbers. Comprehensive business promotion guarantees a good result and profit growth for your company. We care about the quality of our work and provide comprehensive services for your business.

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We will be happy to assess your project

The latest statistics show that more and more users of Internet resources are becoming more demanding on the content and usability of sites or applications. Therefore, we will be happy to do analytics of your web project or help you create a modern website that will be ideally displayed on all types of devices, and its content will be as easy to use as possible. Before starting to work on your project, we not only analyze your business, but also the market as a whole. Based on the collected data, we develop a universal and individual solution. At the same time, focusing on the comfortable use of the resource and conversion.
Website development and other web projects include all the main stages, namely: design development, copyrighting, photo and video shooting, writing texts, consulting, web analytics, marketplace creation, programming, QA testing, blockchain and advertising setup. We also understand that in the modern world, any site needs adaptation in the mobile version. Therefore, we will help you develop a mobile version of your web product, which will be equally well displayed on all types of devices. After launch, the site will already be optimized for promotion, filled with SEO-optimized text and will meet the requirements of the search engine.