Online training course in graphic and web design

Online training course in graphic and web design

A graphic or web designer is a sought-after profession that attracts many young people. To study this specialty and further work in your profile, you only need a computer with the Internet. You can work as a designer remotely, from anywhere in the world, so this profession is chosen by people who value personal time and their own independence.

What is graphic and web design?

Scientifically speaking, web design is a collection of techniques that help design new web pages and accompany existing sites. This specialty is a synthesis of cybernetics and art. The goal of a web designer is to make the customer's site convenient, unique and memorable. For this, the specialist uses various methods of website development, applies various fonts and color combinations. Very often, a graphic designer is tasked with developing a company's logo and brand; he takes part in advertising campaigns and development of new packaging design.

How to learn web and graphic design online

In the design studio "Makarenko" you can master this profession, gain practical knowledge that will allow you to go straight to job search. There are no lectures or seminars, and the program is structured in such a way that the student immediately gets practical knowledge. We offer our students a proven course that will help them learn a new specialty in a short time.


An online design course is suitable for:


· Schoolchildren and university students planning to earn good money without interrupting their basic education;


· Representatives of other professions who do not see the point in their current specialty and want to try themselves in a new business;


· People who want to try something new;


· Specialists wishing to improve their qualifications.


What is included in an online design training course?

Before classes, our representative will conduct an interview, assess your level of knowledge and tell you about the benefits of a new profession especially for you. Your classes will be structured in such a way as not to repeat what you have passed, but to go straight to what you need to know. And if you are a beginner, then your individual program will definitely include teaching a full range of basic skills.

During the training, the student receives individual tasks and performs them, taking into account the advice and recommendations of the teacher. Independent work helps students to believe in themselves and love their work.

What can a person do after an online design course?

Everyone who worked with the teacher and carefully completed independent assignments will be able to learn:


· Create and reconstruct statistical and dynamic websites;


· Process information from search engines;


· Create layouts of printed publications;


· Design interfaces for applications of mobile devices;


· Work taking into account the preferences of the customer and the needs of the target audience;


Learn all the elements for which you came to the course,


· Use a combination of techniques to achieve the WOW effect.


Students of our online course:


· Get ​​the maximum of practical knowledge;


· Study at any time convenient for themselves;


· Can participate in work projects for the creation of sites.


At the end of the training, we help to create a portfolio that helps the future employer with your abilities. The most promising and diligent students are guaranteed to get a job in our studio.

Do you want to change your life and not depend on economic instability? Call and sign up for the students of our course. You are guaranteed to master a specialty that will help you discover your talents and get a stable income.


Development of sites and web projects includes a full range of services that will make it high-quality and reliable in use. In addition to the technical part of the work, we will also help to bring your design vision and product concept to life. After all, we work at all stages of creating a website or other web product, starting from creating a design from scratch, to setting up advertising and comprehensive brand promotion. Our main goal is to develop a quality product. Cooperation with us guarantees you the transparency of the transaction and the selection of the best prices. You can order website development or order design development by writing to us by filling out the feedback form or call the indicated numbers. Comprehensive business promotion guarantees a good result and profit growth for your company. We care about the quality of our work and provide comprehensive services for your business.

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The latest statistics show that more and more users of Internet resources are becoming more demanding on the content and usability of sites or applications. Therefore, we will be happy to do analytics of your web project or help you create a modern website that will be ideally displayed on all types of devices, and its content will be as easy to use as possible. Before starting to work on your project, we not only analyze your business, but also the market as a whole. Based on the collected data, we develop a universal and individual solution. At the same time, focusing on the comfortable use of the resource and conversion.
Website development and other web projects include all the main stages, namely: design development, copyrighting, photo and video shooting, writing texts, consulting, web analytics, marketplace creation, programming, QA testing, blockchain and advertising setup. We also understand that in the modern world, any site needs adaptation in the mobile version. Therefore, we will help you develop a mobile version of your web product, which will be equally well displayed on all types of devices. After launch, the site will already be optimized for promotion, filled with SEO-optimized text and will meet the requirements of the search engine.