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A mobile application is software developed for an existing mobile platform. Used on tablets, smartphones, watches, players and other gadgets. For maximum performance, mobile applications are written in high-grade programming languages, then processed and compiled to machine code. Modern tablets and smartphones are constantly equipped with additional gadgets (gyroscopes, cameras, etc.), which makes it possible to improve and develop new applications. The purchase of a smartphone implies the installation of fundamental applications on it, all the necessary ones are downloaded in stores for a fee or for free, depending on the manufacturer's requirements.


Application types

There are three types of apps: native, mobile web, and hybrid. Native apps are fundamental smartphone apps that are built for a specific platform (Android, Windows Phone, or iOS). Such programs can access the camera, contacts, send notifications about updates, etc.

Mobile web applications are websites that are launched through a browser, rather than separately by clicking on an icon.

Hybrid applications - combining the parameters of the first and second types, the acquisition takes place through the store platform of the operating system, in many respects complement the functionality of the device on which it is installed.


Application development, main stages

1. The choice of a communication channel to address issues of creation;


2. Formation of tasks of the created application;


3. Signing the contract;


4. Creation of an interface project;


5. Creation of interface design;


6. Development of the service configuration of the program;


7. Development of a part for software users;


8. Testing, work settings;


9. Publishing Software to Store Platforms.


Some stages take about a few days, while others can take 4 months or more. There are points that can be implemented in parallel, and some require only a sequential start. The number of stages in most cases depends on the size of the application and the tasks assigned to the performers. Application development is a full-fledged IT solution, for the creation of which you need to put the hand of professionals, starting from creating a project and setting tasks, ending with testing and setting up further work.


Who orders the application development?

Statistics speaks about the advisability of creating a mobile application in any area, because most often gadget owners visit such programs or websites. It is necessary to make an investment in development through the Internet resources competently and entrust the development to professionals in their field, one of which are representatives of Makarenko Studio.

There are many video clips where an application can be created by watching a lesson, no one denies that it is quite realistic, but the funds invested in the development should bring income and for this it is necessary to attract professionals. Who will be engaged not only in the development of the project, the main functions of the application, design, but also in the further development and improvement of the application already released on the platform. It is necessary to provide that the time you spent may not bear fruit that you would like to see in the near future. Experience in the development of "Makarenko Studio" will help not only get into the top segment of the popular Internet market, but also make the brand more recognizable. Most of the population is looking for information without leaving a smartphone or tablet. If, for convenience, you provide an application in which all the necessary data exists, it makes no sense to enter a search engine, and this will save customers from going to competitors.


While they are still looking for information on the Internet, order the development of an application for the services provided, be the first with Makarenko Studio.


Development of sites and web projects includes a full range of services that will make it high-quality and reliable in use. In addition to the technical part of the work, we will also help to bring your design vision and product concept to life. After all, we work at all stages of creating a website or other web product, starting from creating a design from scratch, to setting up advertising and comprehensive brand promotion. Our main goal is to develop a quality product. Cooperation with us guarantees you the transparency of the transaction and the selection of the best prices. You can order website development or order design development by writing to us by filling out the feedback form or call the indicated numbers. Comprehensive business promotion guarantees a good result and profit growth for your company. We care about the quality of our work and provide comprehensive services for your business.

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The latest statistics show that more and more users of Internet resources are becoming more demanding on the content and usability of sites or applications. Therefore, we will be happy to do analytics of your web project or help you create a modern website that will be ideally displayed on all types of devices, and its content will be as easy to use as possible. Before starting to work on your project, we not only analyze your business, but also the market as a whole. Based on the collected data, we develop a universal and individual solution. At the same time, focusing on the comfortable use of the resource and conversion.
Website development and other web projects include all the main stages, namely: design development, copyrighting, photo and video shooting, writing texts, consulting, web analytics, marketplace creation, programming, QA testing, blockchain and advertising setup. We also understand that in the modern world, any site needs adaptation in the mobile version. Therefore, we will help you develop a mobile version of your web product, which will be equally well displayed on all types of devices. After launch, the site will already be optimized for promotion, filled with SEO-optimized text and will meet the requirements of the search engine.